Light- #famchallenge Flashfiction

Light flickers from across the hall as Fauna sat in her room , shes been here before like every Friday night for the past year .  Propped up next to the window.

She mutters “damn it , just one good line  is all I need “.

Pen and book in hand she sighs desperately .  Starts to focus on where the next character might be headed. Scratching her head. She starts to write the next chapter .

Pulling the page out throwing it into the fire place she crys out “NO it isn’t right stupid, get it together …its words, let the story come to you “

Feeling defeated she throws the pen and book across the room nearly taking out her best companion sage, a cat shes had for what seems like forever . 

“Sage , I told you not to disturb me when I’m working” Fauna said

“Sorry my lady , you asked me to remind you when dawn was approaching , as your daylight guardian , I am doing so now” he replied.

“Dawn already!!!! ” she screamed

“This cannot be ive just nearly sat down I havent even finished my glass” looking over Fauna realized to her left there is but one single drop left in her wine glass and to her right there sits 3 completely tipped over glasses blood strewn upon the table.

Sage with a grim look upon his furry face hopped up on the arm of Faunas chair.

” Youve been at it all night , thinking and dreaming of the words to write , you know the words wont come to you during light” he grinned

Aggrevated, Fauna wanted to ball him up and throw him in the fire , she knew he was right and he had her blood in his veins , it would be pointless. “You have a point Sage”

The sun nearly changing the sky from dark to light on the horizon she slid into the coffin.

“Put out the lights Sage!” She called

“Yes my lady” …



 A sound calls to me from amongst the trees, it bids me come and take my place. It reminds me that I am not dead yet an there is plenty of time to do the things I want. A soft and gentle sound reaching out to me. Reminding me to light the fires and dance as the free folk do. Tilt up my cup and give praise to all those who have fallen before me. A sound that echoes from the distant shores to the farthest plains that can only be heard in the dead of night, when the fires are burning bright. It says to me….Summon the spirits of old, remember the traditions , keep the secrets , trust your power and know your strengths….. so I do with every breath. A whisper calls to me from amongst the trees, it bids me come and take my place. 



So very long ago when I was a boy, I had a sense of fear. The surrounding world was large and unfit for a continuing old soul like mine. I had much happiness and joys, lots of knowledge taught as well as given to me and plenty of laughter as now at this age I see the laugh lines start to set in upon my face. I was young still full of fear,  for around every corner there lurked a darkness. One that no matter how quickly I ran the shadows could never seem to pin point its truest location. No enchanted flame nor black mirror could reveal what the journey ahead held for me. I cloaked myself in the darkness. I wore it proud under my eyes at the tips of my fingers like a robe blending in with the night. Within that action I learned that I could instill fear in the hearts and minds of others and I didn’t seem so weakened by my own fears I reveled for a time . As the judgemental closed minds of others kept their looks away.
With an accepting  maternal hand upon each of my dark wings, raising me even higher, I learned courage and the ability to stand against anyone who thought differently then I did. Her words were ancient wisdom and could draw down the moon and withhold the sun if she so wished . I learned i could summon the power, from within my self to do anything be anyone. I redeemed myself in that time and yet still could not shake the ever changing fears in the depths of the darkest holds of my mind. Fear that set in like rot on spoiled fruit spreading to every delicate morsel, poisoning the tree in its entirety. 

Years past some fears went away and one shook the very foundations of everything that I had come to know and be. Death , the ultimate fear, had graced me with her destructive presence. She stole what at the time was most important to me.  Fear then turned to anger  and as the seasons came two full circles anger became frozen . Although time is ever continuing it still passed and the world still spun. Memories fluttered away like grains of sand on windswept horizons. Much changed in me I no longer wore a cloak of darkness for it had seeped within me and set up anchor on the shores of my soul. I wore a gray cloak through this period of my life. 

Stained with the ashes from the fires smoldering in the past .  A person could look at me and believe what I wanted them to , that I was fine, perfect , that a heart still beat within me. It was easy to twist the minds of others so as to hide my own fear , that I was destructing from the inside out . A sickness had taken control of my organs, rotting, infesting, gradually getting worse over time. For I had become worlds apart from all that blood could bind. I sought to change this. 

The fear of falling short and becoming something darker, a empty vessel, a outcast, a failure had crept in, but I would not let that fear overpower me . I kept an eye on the horizons saw my chance and stepped up to the gates that lead to the next journey. And here I sit having defeated each fear that has presented itself upon my cloaked journey. Proud, magnificent, head held high above the flames that flicker throughout my dark world. I know the journey is just beginning as there is so much left to do yet very little time …..but 

I do not fear the unknown or the opinions of others. I do not fear the choices that all must make, for its theirs to make. I do not fear the journey ahead or the road less traveled as there is always a teacher on it, one ahead of you to guide the way. I do not fear the powers of old or the ancient wisdom handed down from generation to generation as I have been taught much of those ways. 

I do not fear what others shall feel when I take my journey to the land of the dead, for they were granted time and choice, just as I. 

I do not fear the touch of deaths embrace as I know she is greedy for the time of those who love others, I know her feelings for I have lived them. I continue to search for another soul as fearless as mine.


Lets take a moment.

I have been very busy as of late. More so than usual, my thoughts my endeavors, everything is “wide open” as they like to say around these parts.  My work life, is well… Work life it stays busy ,  and well working in the medical field has a tendency to be that way. Lets not boor you with those details. 

Lets cut scene straight to the random adventures going on upstairs in this head of mine …

 I would like to share some news officially yet unofficially *snicker*. But first a little back story…..  I miss all of my old friends and chosen family that I left in the cold North.. And a few acquaintances as well. I have spent many nights after a long shift at work thinking about all of you. Some more than others. Please dont think that I’m not communicating with you for any other reason then I’m working on life . You see my life used to be so full of adventures and people there was a plan for every day, every weekend, practically every moment,  more often than not including some of you as that’s the way my city life had become. I wonder where everyone is at, what they are doing, how their life is, and has been treating them. There are a select few I maintain constant contact with not because I feel obligated to but because I’ve needed to for my own sanity . Let me dissect a little to put it into further perspective for you , you got your whole world that you have been taught and come to know( people places and things). Your life 20 plus years lets say, you throw it all away and move to the complete opposite side of the country, for your one chance to be a part of the family youve always had but never known.  You leave behind your friends, best friends, chosen family, and your whole life to start a new one.  

Could you do it ?  

Well lets just say it has been an adjustment and it hasn’t been a complete walk in the park as life has its hand in ups and downs, but it is the best and yet craziest decision I could have ever made. Now as I put the scalpel down.

I keep in contact with a few main people on the regular.

My sister Ashley for the simple reason we are chosen family we go way back over 20 years she is my longest friendship on this earth , a lot can happen in 20 years add a few more to it and well it pretty much starts writing itself .  We are family and no matter where or when we both agree we will always have a need for each other. I have called this girl many times and she is always there to lend an ear and add a positive outlook to the fires burning around me that I sometimes cannot admit or deny starting myself .  

My best friend (in the North) Jessie. This girl was my bestfriend in high school still is to this day and that was over 10 years ago , one of my first real loves, she has picked me up several times in my life and slapped me back to reality and put me in check when I needed it . Held me when I lost my world and was the light on the otherside of the tunnel. My coffee date , my shopping partner my club partner (so I didn’t make any bad decisions ), my go to ride or die girl. We don’t talk as often as we used to but she is the friend I could go months without talking to and we would pick right back up like there was no time lapse at all. This girl is one of a kind and she knows it .

My Aunt(in the North) aka The Aunt. We talk on an every other day basis . She is my best friend , chosen family for what seems like forever now . She’s my immediate go to for advice cause she has alot of life experience and she’s always got the logical answers I need or a way to point me in the direction I’m looking to go. She gets me 100 percent. I know that without her, I would not be living and breathing and where I am today. I say that with great respect because times have not always been the brightest for me. I think there are some that actually owe her a thank you. She has helped me fill in the blanks of forgotten times and memories in my head. She has been on many occasions my emotional rock . She always knows how to get me out of my spirals right at the perfect moment. She is one of a kind. Anyone who has the chance to be in her inner circle is truly blessed, and I dont mean that in a southern way. She has been to me, a teacher, a mentor, a friend,  best friend, a partner in crime, guide, healer, support, honesty even if I didnt want to hear it, and The Aunt. 

I miss everyone but I have gained a lot more then I could have expected by leaving the North.

Now with that being said. If your still reading this…. Good for you! Takin  a real interest in what I’ve written here , you’ve reached the half way point keep going ….. 

Its time for the official /unofficial announcement. Some one has made the decision to move here to the south and I couldnt be more pleased , I knew there was a reason I didn’t feel a catastrophic impact with my personnel connection with you upon departure when I left the north. It affected me and had an impact but not in the way I thought it would but I know now why it didn’t affect me as badly as it did some of the others. Its because I knew that wasn’t the end of our journey. “We dont have time for the nonsense , we got shit to do”

That is all for now people … 

I’m gonna try writing at least 2 or 3 times a week not that it will make much of a difference up here in this dome piece I have  , its all pretty much cluster jumbled together up there … 

P.s Still contemplating the meaning of life an unravelling the secrets of the universe don’t worry its a sure fire work in progress.


Can I get a next please .


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This post may come off a little stronger than intended but I feel the need to touch on a few things that have been going threw my mind excuse the random side notes as well I have no editor and I don’t quite think we would see eye to eye on the thoughts that run threw my head .

Cue beginnings in 5…..4….3…2..1.

If the hat fits .. Wear it.. but lets be modest about it shall we.

I feel myself falling off in the distance.  It honestly isnt by choice but it is however still happening , there honestly are not enough hours in the day for me to do the things that id like to do.  If you would have asked me years ago if I thought things would be as complicated as they are now I would have told you no .  There are many people, I have been lacking on the touching base with, it isn’t specific or personal , I have just simply gotten wrapped up in a cluster mess of emotions and work life that honestly needs my full attention. Work is always work as that story goes , the medical profession always has its ups and downs, anyone who has worked it knows, the story’s Sights and horrors are endless from day to day. Now as for the cluster mess of emotions …. Cue random insight…

 Fish belong in water … 

I continue day to day to bridge the gap , my bonding experiences here in the warm south seem to be going fairly well in some aspects , yet in a few other areas not so much . Now with that being let out of the box let me quickly state , I had a life before I moved here and it was by no means perfect and I do miss it some days  , and I have not once asked for anyone to stop living theirs to make exceptions for a long lost family member who just decided to show back up . I am here and I am continuously showing my effort to be apart of peoples lives  that I am more and more beginning to care for as well as be comfortable around and attached to. There have been way to many years lost to the past , taking advantage of what’s left is one of my main goals , I honestly dont know how much time any of us have left and that is something that is unsettling  as moments/time is continuously ever passing all of us by. I am however only one person and with that in mind I cant get people to open up their eyes and see the good person I am  or take advantage of the opportunity that has been afforded to them ….. I hear the aunt and my mother smacking me in the back of the head … “You mean the opportunity you have given them”. No one came to me I came here to them , it isn’t every day that a person(meaning me) is able to move mountains , but I made a plan hit the goal marks busted my ass and made it happen. I did all in so little time , yet very well thought out , so as to remove the major obstacle distance . Yet here I sit almost literally in the back yard faced with distance and shortened conversations. It all hasnt been for nothing , my relationship with my dad is better then it ever has been, I have never been happier with the results of the father son relationship that I have attained since I made my choice to move here , its coming along and that’s all that I could ask for . Minus my overly emotional moments from time to time after a few to many adult beverages . I would say we are bonding fairly well considering there’s 27 years where my father and I had no interactions, 27 years that I lived with my mother growing up and learning and experiencing  life the ups and downs, 27 years that were impairative to creating the person that I am  , that cant be given back . insert side note…. Time must be taken advantage of if someone wants you in their life they will make the time , there won’t be any silly little excuses, there wont be any forgetting the finer moments. I see in my mind planks of wood being laid down to bridge the gaps , I’m only one person and everything is a two way street. I ‘ve done the hard part .


When life hands you lemons buy koolaide….

Life has this funny way of turning the tables, sometimes its a good thing and other times not so much. I miss my mother  I think of her multiple times every day. 
Its gonna be hard for awhile , I wont tell you that it ever gets better , but the hurt does get less and less , I still cry all the time for my mom , there are just some things people know inside them self because the gods allow them to , I know she still watches over me. I am thankful.There are things that stain our minds from events , no matter how hard we try we cannot ever wash them away , it sucks sometimes and we as humans regret so easily  but we feel ever more responsible, for the things we cannot help or control , I remember every second I spent trying to tell the kidney doctor that my mother didnt want dialysis , no words could come from my mouth all I could do was shake my head because I knew at that second I was making the decision to let her die and the world around me started to crash and burn. It isn’t something I enjoy telling people but it was and will always be the hardest decision of my life , I am not proud of it and I do regret it , but I will never forget the look on her sleeping face after , when I crawled up into the bed with her for the last time like I used to do as a little boy and just cried and held on to the body that used to belong to my mother just 2 days before. 
As mothers day is around the corner I have come to full terms with the fact that I am ready to release my mothers ashes. Its a symbolic thing as I have carried so much weight for so long and living here being around my family has given me the strength I need to complete the final wish of my mother. That last wish , to continue on this road we call life. Strong and with my head held high. Here is The Aunts voice chiming in again “Oh honey youve been doing that all along” and your right I have I just didnt know it. 

I think I need to let this post go for now perhaps ill revisit some of these topics, in fact as life deals its hand I’m most certain I will lets just call this the end of chapter 1… 


Here again in a round about way…¬†

I have no idea what is going on upstairs …. Let me,just start by saying it is a little past 3 am and I am holed up on my couch.I had every intention of being fast asleep by this ridiculous moment(insert animalistic growl here) I should be sleeping of course after the busy evening shift I had at work, I am tired . So I come home eat something light and change out of work clothes into something a little more relaxing, this usually consists of sweatpants, or gym shorts,  with a cutoff sleeve shirt , tank top, or beater, and a hoodie as it has been quite chilly as of late. No not all items are worn each night , how nuts do you think I am gym shorts over sweat pants (not even on laundry day).I  do my nightly routines and to the couch I go to hopefully fall asleep. Why the couch and not the bed? , that is a very good question. Im not quite entirely sure when it started exactly , but all I can say is that the couch has been the resting place now for the better part of the last 5 months . Try hard as I may to fall asleep in my bed I cant. My brain lately has been way to active , I dont know wether its because my brain has gotten so used to running at high speed due to staffing issues at work for the last 3+ months and I’m that used  to being on the go or weather im running out of storage space up there and my brain is trying to vomit everything out, all when my body stops moving . It is frustrating , I know there are people out there that suffer from insomnia , I refuse to believe that I am one of them . It isn’t a caffine issue as I have cut back tremendously on that intake . so lets clear some junk out ….

Technical difficulties ….

So the other night long story short my phone updates …… And crashes …. Loop reboot is what its called , phone comes on ….welcome screen comes on…. phone goes dark… Take battery out restart…. Phone comes on…. Welcome screen comes on…. Phone goes dark… So as my anxiety level (steady on the rise) hits an all time record at what I could only possible believe to be between the hours of 830pm(last time I looked at the clock at my brothers house before returning home)  and 5am( as I hadn’t seen any head lights cross my kitchen window so I knew my dad was still home early riser for work and all)  i said screw it . Sat down on my couch and listened to silence , thoughts raced yet again from there . I have no link to the outside , no link to family, no connection with friends , no social media, no videos to watch on my phone , no way to call for help in an emergency , straight up static. That’s not really the worst part. I can do without social media and vlogs I watch online for the record , I cannot do without being able to connect to my everyday people (we all have those people we connect with on an everyday /every other/ every 3 daybasis you know the type and get where I’m going ) move along shall we, I force myself to go to sleep although at that moment I have no idea what time it is , I don’t have an alarm clock other than my phone , I dont live in the city anymore and can’t make a gestimation about what time it may be due to what’s going on outside my apartment window, no apartments in the country,  no neighbors I could bother at that time either as I pretty much stick to myself as my family lives across the paved road from me and I knew everyone was in bed so no luck there either .  I wake up shoot up off the couch and head over to my dads house ( yet again just a short walk from my place) I see he’s home ask him the time cause I work at 3pm and need to get the phone with figured out , head to my phone company , apparently I’m not the only one its happened to , glad to know I’m not the only lucky one . so I end up getting a completely new phone , up side COMMUNICATIONS BACK UP AND RUNNING !!! Down side , if youve been following along on my adventure known as life , you may recall me having moved not too long ago from a city in North Dakota , to the back woods of Southeast Georgia. I have been here a little over one full year and in that time I have had many cherishable moments that were of course photo opportunity moments so I had many photos on my phone, not backed up as I didnt have a constant Wi-Fi connection . Translation… My first year photos all gone just about as fast as I experienced the places and things and I guess that’s that.  No getting them back only starting over fresh again so I guess let the adventures begin again… But for now I think sleep as its 4:11am now , typing on your phone really does take longer then typing on a key board.

Random I know , just go with it I know I’ve learned to . 


Inner thoughts and feelings and realization 

In everything there is light and darkness, this may be too dark for some, for those few I will remind you these are words and although some of it may have some correlation rest assured life ever does go on. 

There is a hole in my chest, a cavity , where my heart once used to be , it seems even after you have had it removed from thine own chest you can still feel the pain caused by another. It radiates agony and regret, burning from within causing emotional turmoil. This turmoil spirals into other emotions such as anger an sadness, the memories of what used to be cut deep over and over. Although one cannot see these cuts they know they exist as we all have them , and like anyone else we try ever so hard to hide our scars and clean the battle wounds as they happen so as to not seem so weak. It is in fact easy for a person while in the company of others to simply put on a mask and say I am ok , be it a matter of pride or the thought of one thinking it matters not to the rest of the world all the same it makes no difference to what we truly hold inside . And what is it in fact at that moment we are holding inside ?

I cannot speak for everyone , I can only speak on my own behalf…

I hold pain and suffering ,the anger of the mistreated lost and forgotten.Regret for not running away sooner. Jealousy for the time that has Ben stolen from me that I wish I could give to another because it is clear that events that have shaped and made me, mean nothing to those I surround myself with.My fear grows with each and every passing day as I know that we are all living on borrowed time and there are not enough hours in a day for me to make moments and memories with the people that I want to . Be it for my own personal reasons or just for the lack of knowledge and care on behalf of others . It is hard starting over , getting to know new people and trying to come up with mutual flowing  conversations so as to build a better foundation to stand on and relate  more to the similarities  then differences and space that divides each and every one of us, 

At this stage in my life I find myself wishing that I could have in depth conversations about events that have made me to the person I am today. I reminisce about the previous years thinking about the ones that truly know me and know my story. I find myself wishing that others knew much more about me,and I about them so we could have a better understanding all around. My reasons and answers , my likes and dislikes , my thoughts hopes and dreams and theirs as well. They say that knowledge grants a person the power to understand things better , see people in a different light , bridge the gap that has Ben long needing to be filled. How does one gain such knowledge. My first guess would be asking , but there are more ways then just that. Time , watching, observing, listening and of course researching other similar situations.

I feel as if I am simply here in the now walking amongst the living yet smaller parts of myself feel dead. So much as if I am a shade living between both worlds communing with the living and still holding onto the dead memories and all the what ifs. It is a feeling I struggle with each and every waking day only to be haunted yet again each night as I sit in silence in this room surrounded by these four walls. I wish in fact I could cry out, manipulate my emotions to force them to release all that I have bottled up inside . It is no easy task letting go of things  that have kept you alive for so long. 

The fight we all carry within , the anger we all hide behind our smiles, the truth in every syllable that we speak wether obvious or not, the care and devotion between family and the loyalty that should follow along , the mistakes we know we make right after we blurt them out and the pride that prevents us from admitting we shouldn’t have spoke that way, the knowledge of many diverse subjects and the lack of questioning the history and abilities as well as full capabilities of others we hold dear or so ever claim to . All this and much more has become a radiating swirl within my mind and there has yet to be a resolve , will I ever gain the knowledge or the answers , or the time or have the better felt emotions . Will my mark be left properly or will it just fade out of space and time .

The only way to see is to continue stepping forward , for some this means leaving you behind with your unsettling words and your selfish intentions , you will receive the same care thought and manner you give out, no one is owed anything we are born with nothing and we will leave this life with nothing but the memories we have made. For the rest I hope that you are able to keep up as I am traveling very fast, my reason is that I do not have the time that I wish I had. Nor does anyone .

I am simple yet complex , I care not what you wear what you own how much money you have . I simply remove the material items you have attained in this life , it is little compared to the larger picture ,I care  how you treat me and other people , I care how you speak to me and those who are loyal to me , I care more about the feelings you make within me and the memories you chose to share as it is a gift that has no value cause with it comes the knowledge and better understanding,i am looking for. I gave up a lot to come to where I am now in this life , and some moments I am saddened by the things and people I left behind for I didn’t know them as well as I thought I did and as for my new start , my expectations of what I might have found on this journey are unraveling faster each day,some have exceeded where others are struggling. 

Pride and ego become your worst enemy in the darkest of times . There is but one thing a person can do change themself for the better admit mistakes let go of greed and jealousy , only then will the wheel spin round and life roll forward as it should. 

Now I strike the match and light the candles , as a storm is coming ,

I have said much more than is comprehensible for many I’m sure but if you read it enough you might just let yourself free enough to understand.


A world within a tear drop,


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I will start by drying my eyes , an simply state that I miss a few things, I’m beginning to realize a few things also.

The words don’t seem to want to flow…
Well here goes …

As the rain falls down around outside in the cool georgia air, my mind wanders. I think a lot about how I got here and the people that helped to make it possible with positive feedback and a helpful nudge saying “Go for it”, I miss them immensely they are few yet very important. Prior to moving to this warm state I had spent the last 10 years of my life working hard to make something of myself my surroundings and everyone in it. Keep in mind I was successful in all of it 100%. Having been so successful I surrounded myself with a magnitude of light as well as positive energy (should have bottled some of it for the road I guess) and the occasional wicked dark moment a time or two , strictly fun nothing to crazy. Let me say before it gets any further into anyone’s head I do not regret my decision to move here. The place I left from I had achieved all that I wanted. I didn’t really see myself moving up any higher or getting any further with anyone or anything that much became clear in the end. Don’t get me wrong I had people that would lay down and die in my place, people who had a complete sense of honor and loyalty no matter what the situation was and I would have done the same for them. I completed structure and a tight loyal network of diverse people to spend my time with. Being the social person that I am, once the walls break down I guess you could say, you can see how that is a mandatory thing in my life. No other way about it . Recently, day after day, my mind has Been flooded. I miss the loyal few who made it a point to not only show their importance to me but make my importance known as well. People that could read me within minutes of seeing me and know that something was lying underneath the surface. No matter how far away they had travelled , it really was a coast to coast type of thing. Don’t get me wrong these people didn’t try to pick me apart or analyze the situation they were just there with a lending ear and a silent mouth until called for advice . These people I call my friends the ones I didn’t have to work so hard at gaining a relationship with , because we just fell into place even tho we all were quite very different . We had our similarities too of that you can be sure ,it’s hard starting over trust me I miss you all, your Chinese words of wisdom , your spiritual likeness and guidance, the coffee and brunch dates with you and your parents and staying on the phone for 2 or more hours not even knowing it. The important sit downs that we had to fix many problems and situations.I miss the feeling of purpose that came along with it all , the feeling of belonging , more than all that I miss having the oppourtunity to make more joyous memories with the really good people I left behind , I hold you all on a pedestal. It is starting to look much harder to attain the same relationships and situations on my new found adventure at this stage in my life in this new place. Don’t worry I will not be defeated , plan A B,C, remember.

What im feeling at this moment in this time I’m told is normal. Psychologically I know its normal it’s actually a bitter fact constantly being shoved in my face just like everyone else’s past, it is part of the moving forward progress.

A person having uprooted their entire life, left the home they tried so hard to make, thrown out all the security strived for over the years, left behind best friends and chosen family & relationships, to start completely all over. For a hope of a better tomorrow and relationships with long lost family. I will restate, a person being me, should feel some sort of alone ness. A feeling of displacement more than washes over me from time to time as well as great sadness follows as all of my ideas of what life away from all of those chosen people would be like comes to light. You see in the place I left to come here I had stability a full time job one I worked my ass off to attain because I was passionate about the line of work, people that surrounded me in a positive manor , I fit in , I wasn’t looked at differently for what I knew or what I didn’t know don’t get me wrong I know much more than I allow people to see that’s always Ben a gift of mine yet I’m still willing to learn a few things I don’t have a clue about , that’s part of the experience of life your never done learning .At a single moment in time it is different than what I thought it would be, I knew that before stepping out with my bags packed, now where did I set that grain of salt? Ah yes over my left shoulder . There really isn’t any way to prepare for that road ahead, the emotions, events, and bumps that are along that road hit you like bricks. I’m not sure if one single person can ever fully prepare themself for the mental battle that wages in their head when two different world’s collide, nor do I think it’s possible for anyone to comprehend what a person may be going threw ,whilst never having experienced that situation having left everything on a hope, fully an completely while trying to live their own life to the fullest . It may be possible I guess but it is simply to hard for me to conceive right now . It seems I’m winning a losing battle in what presentation made me think. I’m a firm believer in doing what you say you’re going to do it shows character, what a person is made out of inside. It shows they respect themself enough to follow through with not only the words but the actions as well, the lack there of can show a great deal, not necessarily in anyone’s favor. Leading an image to become easily misunderstood. Life really isn’t just as simple as saying the words , your actions must back up the statement. I have exhausted all my resources looking in one area of my life and I have done all the necessary steps there is no trying harder and you may look down on me if you like but rest assured when I’m back on top and one day I will be, there are many that will be beneath me after all, positions change many times in a person’s life, you will wonder where all the time went, I’ll tell you ahead of time it went to strategic planning sitting alone being different paving the way forward , you see that’s what I always do think out the steps and extensive decision planning not just one out come but all outcomes . I always follow threw with my words after all life has shown me that my words and my actions are all that I have had . and those simple things have brought me to this defining moment.

I’ve cleared my head a little for now I’m sure I will have much more to release again soon as the pressure just keeps building as my stress level seems to maintain ,

I was simply craving to let it out ,

Self Destruct

Heart beat… breathe……

No pulse… I feel lifeless bound by so much hate that the darkness is taking over . I cannot run from it nor hide . It’s taken a hold of me dug its thorns into my soul .Changing me moment by moment the bitterness grows . I want to burn everything down,seek revenge, destroy everything in my path . Retreat to some dark desolate forest where no one will be able to reach my tattered heart that barely beats beneath my skin . I am so far gone that I am unreachable even to your eyes. The damage is done there’s no taking it back . I care not for anyone or anything that has to do with you , you have burned me to ash , there is no joy no love only a heart full of mourning , but still some sad lingering emotion. The anger fills me until I cry out to the night sky. Wishing I could erase every wrong deed done to me . Take back the hatred pulsing threw my veins . In this moment I know it’s time to move on . Taking the first step is the hardest . It is a step away from you, yet one long overdue. One who I cared so much for, gave so much for, tried so hard for an all I have to show for it is a hole in the middle of my chest where my heart used to be . I used to be so full of light , but now it seems the dark out weighs the light , where there is light there is darkness one cannot exist without the other . Tonight I purge any lingering emotions I have for you. I shall embrace the darkness an succumb to my inner beast. I will sit back an continue to watch you destroy yourself… after all it is what you are best at.

Within My thoughts.



Allow me to give you a mental image. From a secure location within my mind.

There is a old wooden door . Light slowly flitering around the cracks of the door. This is the entrance to my sanctuary although some may call it a haven the room is filled with lit candles a table off the center of the room with two chairs. A bed to the corner the fabric adorned with beaded stars. a chest at the foot. Draped with a Celtic Tapestry .Herbs are hanging above the fireplace drying in the dim light. The Shelves here lined with books of old and dust. Oak Cabinets off to one side . The smell of Sandlewood looms in the air. The Floor Hard aged wood inscribed with runes barely visible in its darkness. Behind you near the door a Wicker Broom . Shadows dance across the walls as if the flames had minds of their own. A small window to the north , left open to let the cool gentle breeze an the smell of wildflowers, flax, an rosemary drift in. Some blessed stepping stones placed outside my gate to lead you back off the meadow and back into the deep dark forest with only the moonlight to guide your way. There is no way to express the feeling this place gives a person. Each and every individual person gets a different feeling, tho i know not in what way it affects them,i know its power takes over. This is my hiding place where I am free from the prisoning world. When I visit this place I keep locked inside me I am truly free. No one or nothing can hold me down . None of life’s worries can follow me here . This is the place I work my spells from ,I rest when I’m tired , the place I run to when the real world is burning down around me and I need to simply get away. This is the place I call home an it truly is where my heart is kept.